Last edited by l-w-c; 20th Jun at The whole point is I’m doing this for a specific episode. It was just a figure of speech. This means this option doesn’t actually do anything. Actually, I’ve just tried to turn off that option and the resulting files were identical. By Christophe Lambert in forum Subtitle. Without that, I had to put a manual delay.

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The whole point is I’m doing this for a specific episode. The problem other having to do it through Notepad is the timestamps aren’t truly accurate.

Hide search and browse box. So I had to put a manual entry of “delay” before my chosen track, which worked! By Talayero in forum Vsfilter.vdf plugin.

It doesn’t seem to allow you to configure anything. I don’t use VDub for this sort of thing, but I just tested and the subs appeared in the output panel.

So now the only issue is why didn’t the reset work in the old VobSub? Maybe someone else can help because I’ve had enough.



It was just a figure of speech. Have you tried playing them with a video to make sure the subs appear? Originally you say the subs aren’t showing up and later we find out that it’s because you aren’t doing the whole video, but only a part of it and it’s because the time stamps weren’t reset. Do this with the DVD on the hard drive: Here, unzip these vsfilter.vdf plugin and see if they work for you. I always meant chapters.

Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. How to apply color correction using the Gradie OBS Studio screen recording vsfilter.vdf plugin streaming guid I just select a file and it’s right there in the output when previewing.

VirtualDub filters

When I opened them in SubResyncthey looked fine What you say doesn’t make sense. I was just confirming that what vsfilter.vdf plugin did should have worked. All times are GMT A comment there says offset isn’t used in DirectVobSub. How to record anything on your screen using th Just in case, saving the old one WinXP Ease vfsilter.vdf use: Got the latest vsfilter. It tries to load a different IFO even though the right one is in the relevant box. But still no subtitles are shown in the output.


Download Version 32bit

I need to ship the resulting video away, so Vsfilter.vdf plugin can’t install anything on remote computers. It works on bit and bit Windows. But the subs still showed up in the output fsfilter.vdf of VDubMod.

If you have DirectVobSub installed, naming any video and the subs the same should have the subs play along with the video. By Christophe Lambert in forum Subtitle.

If they’re no good VDub sure as heck won’t use them.