For beta testing added support for LG GM KE RJ45 cable must be used for flashing and unlocking. New version – LGA flasher – unlocker v1. Big thx for Mr. New version – LGI flasher – unlocker v1.

vygis shell by josedavido v1.1.3.6

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OK [,5] Written, Length: Hi to all, new Update for Cyclone Box is Ready. Failed to decode Security Section, Box Reported: OK [1,4] Written, Length: KE cable must be used to work with these models. Fast Launcher for VygisToolbox released. If you have any problems with the registration process or jowedavido account login, please contact contact us.

VygisToolbox-UPDATE [Arhiva] – GSM Balkan Community

Flashes for these model are uploaded to supports. Flash files for it are uploaded also. Added direct unlock for U,full support for new model – KF added also. Added full support for KG OK [1,6] Written, Length: After this flash phone with anyone flash file, downloaded from support sites and reenter unlock code again.


..::Vygis Shell by Josedavido v

Page 1 of 3. New LG Workshop v1. Flashing is still not supported. Discution Thread Sshell Regards, Douhal. Added IMEI reading-writing and phone reseting user code clearing and etc. As usual, new version is available for all customers with valid, To download that from support section [Hidden Content] We are always doing what customer needed!!!

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Some bug with KG version reading fixed. For flashing and unlocking operations phone must be connected without battery. Last v1.13.6 by nanocell; at Phones,which freeze at LG logo repairing is not supported yet. Added support for Shell KE models. KE RJ45 cable must be used for work with these models.

Flashing is not supported yet, will be added later. BB5 Flashbus Write baud set to 1. After backup writing phone must return to previous normal state. Flashes uploading for these models is in progress also.


vygis shell by josedavido v1.1.3.6

Dual Line, 32 bit, Accepted: Added support for new Samsung flash with ID: Big thx for Mr. One more thing about P,P,P and E – if flashing fails is needed to disconnect phone from cable – remove battery – put it back to phone, enter phone to “Emergency mode” and repeat flashing operation again.

vygis shell by josedavido v1.1.3.6

LGI flasher – unlocker v1. LG T and Ti added. OK [1,25] Written, Length: Stay Tuned for U support verry soon.