Mar 13, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: His father and Great-uncle Nigel died raving maniacs. Even with her flaws, I still enjoyed the book and will probably continue the series. Maximilian Cale, the Duke of Lyons, is searching for his long lost brother. It was nearly midnight before she got to bed. Max is stunned to receive a note from Tristan Bonnaud claiming that he has proof that Peter lives but before he can verify the claim, Tristan disappears and an enraged Max arrives at Dom’s home, site of Manton Investigations, demanding to know his whereabouts. It was different, because it was not about balls and marriage and suitors.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. That should include her behavior whqt she works for him. The couple focus is on Lisette Bonnaud and Max Cale. Those all-seeing eyes snapped back to her. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. That really sparked her temper. If he wanted privacy, Tristan must have done something very bad indeed. When Max confronts Lisette he is definitely acting like an arrogant duke and makes several really obnoxious remarks.

England, twelve years later I do have to give Jeffries props for coming up with a unique twist on the historical romance.


Book Review: Sabrina Jeffries’ What the Duke Desires – KD Did It Edits

Many years have passed since then. The plot twist when the mystery was solved at the end was thrilling to read. But Sbrina have good reason for my rudeness. This less than rakish attitude was more than evident at the one point when Max tries to drink himself into a stupor because of his attraction to Lisette — it dseires comical results and is my favourite scene what the duke desires sabrina jeffries the novel.

So he and Max have some word exchange on the whole mess they were in at that moment. He was scared of going mad like his father and his great uncle. June 18, Rating: I read the second book first, as I had a review copy, and I loved it very much. If he even still worked for George. With a laugh, she returned xabrina dealing with the mail, sorting each letter by the case it involved, then putting the inquiries for new cases into a pile to go through last. So basically, I liked this book!

It is certainly not a bad book though, as I did enjoy the story, which had some nice and original details. This book infuriated me, I sqbrina absolutely no patience with it.

What the Duke Desires

But attractive, oh yes. Can you fix it? Lisette is in a difficult position. It was not necessarily a different romance, but it was sweet. Lisette has been worried about him for a while now, as he has stopped writing her and Dom. Only with the help of the younger legitimate son, Dom are Lisette, her mother sabrinq her brother, Tristan able to escape to France. Or is the fiercely protective beauty as innocent as she claims them to be?


Jeffries kept the flow perfect with the blend of humor, action, intrigue, and romance.

You in my bed And a few surprises that I never saw coming. Book 1 of The Duke’s Men. And that was within a week of finishing it. But that marriage never took place as we find in the beginning scene. Fear of putting a wife through the nightmare his mother had to go through, Maximilian does not want to marry, but his duty to bring about an heir means that sooner or later, he has to marry.