Also, I can test this on my laptop later today to see if it happens there if you need me to since I don’t have Winamp installed on it at this time and it has built in keyboard. They mistakenly used the Whatsnew. I’m keep loving Winamp. Find More Posts by boelectronic. Originally Posted by DrO.

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What are the changes in build ? More information would be highly appreciated. Scroll Lock gets actived by Winamp Winamp 5.

Please take a minute to review the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then I went back into the Preferences to unclick that box and it was already unclicked winamp pro 5.572 without me doing it. Originally Ppro by DrO. Find Pgo Posts by Serpher. Tehran – Iran Posts: So, if you never turn off the Random button, this will not happen. So, for the fun of it, I clicked it to make it active.

Start Winamp up and start to play ANY music file you have. Does it affect Winamp Pro setup?


DepmilD: Winamp PRO Build SILENT INSTALL

Is it version 5. And trust me, that’s really annoying. If 5.5722 box in step 6 has a checkmark, remove it to disable this feature This should fix it for you. I hope the OpenCandy spam will be deleted in 5.

Find More Posts by winamp pro 5.572. Howeverif I go through the same steps as above, STOP the player a few seconds into a song, exit, relaunch and replay the pre-selected songs remain in playlist historythe player will run the songs over and over again just fine with no crash.

Find More Posts by Shadowtechnique. Hi thank you for this new release. Winap Posted by rickmastfan67 Problem: It was supposed to be a silent 5.

Winamp Pro 5.572 Complete with Serial

Have a look through winamp pro 5.572 available plug-ins and you will also find that you can hook up your iPod and manage its music library. 5.5722 have the latest version of Winamp, just installed with no third-party plugins present. Also, I can test this on my laptop later today to see if it happens there if you need me to since I don’t have Winamp installed on it at this pfo and it has built in keyboard.


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winamp pro build pro all | evgana | Pinterest | Building, Packing and Windows

Is that Winamp or Windows? So if you really need that installer ad page, download the build. Change to another window example, Firefox and the Scroll Lock turns off. If there would be any significant changes made, you would read about it here. Bug occurs with Winamp Winamp pro 5.572, not sure about the others OS: Looks like you need to install the proper drivers for your video card. Direct3D functionality not available.

They mistakenly used the Whatsnew.