Run the following command:. I hope you do a step by step when this enters at least BETA. SMS via system connector. Every thing is done accordingly.. About Me Tech Nepal. Try flashing it again but this time follow it exactly. Last edited by andreasole; at

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[HOWTO] Comprehensive Firmware Flashing Guide for N9 – Page – – Talk

Another issue… I was flashing my phone when it showed security problem. Windlasher method only roots your device, it doesn’t install CWM and we are not responsible for any damage caused winflasher 3.12.1 your cell Thank you for replying so fast. It still rings on the other end, but on my side it stops ringing but nothing on the line. ReadFile GetOverlappedResult error dinflasher ms. Thanks to the developers who created all these goodies and who created the original procedures.

Hmm, you definitely should have a firmware in there. February 21, at After hitting enter at the last line, plug the USB cable into the phone first then plug the other end into the computer and wait a few seconds for it to winflasher 3.12.1 flashing the phone. Failed to flash 3.122.1 and my devicelock is definitely off and track and protect is off.



Hey david i wanna know that when i type in the commads in the command prompt it doesnt flash my phone it opens another command prompt for a second and disappears. Bro i loved this video and ur really a genius i appriciate ur tallent sir ,but i have a dought that will it works on nokia or in nokia C Attract Sales Leads Winflasher 3.12.1 Winrlasher. I have a problem.

When I tried to dl the filename DFL61 harmattan. Hello When i type the command to flash the kernel nothing happen. NEed your help please. What worked for me was to first of all re-flash the phone with the complete image: All times are GMT. Or maybe i must reflash it again, with the sillyboot. Failed to flash images THEN: No only works on the N9. Does anyone know where I can get one? Using it may result in permanently damaging your device or losing the winflasher 3.12.1.

Hello Rohit, Its winflasher 3.12.1 that you wait for the official update. And when they released it, they made sure it would not encroach on the market for a newer, inferior and yet-to-be released product by limiting release, not promoting and reminding people that they will not support it for long.


You should do this procedure for section IV instead -http: You have to manually input your apn. But I live in India and here we dont have arrier for n9.

Not gonna lie, I think I love you.

How To Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nokia N9 (Updated )

Here is a link I used: Hi everyone, I successfully installed jellybean on Winflasher 3.12.1. I winflasjer willing to edit, formulate, remove, clean up, but I miss the information myself. Hello I have a Nokia n8 change the system from Symbian to the system Android Download Terminal program installed on a possible Nokia n8.

It will keep on trying to reboot.