The tensile stress at the bottom of the concrete slab is affected by the applied load, tire pressure and spacing, concrete thickness and stiffness, and the characteristics of the supporting materials. Geared for both end user and developer documentation with special features for component and class documentation. The AASHTO guide for design of pavement structure is most commonly used by states for designing pavement thickness for low-volume roads. WinPas Windows Password Listing. Users can select interior or edge loading and have the options of standard vehicle loading or user-defined loading.

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Users of these computer programs should be aware that the fatigue curve traditionally used in Roller Compacted Concrete pavement design is more conservative than the fatigue curve traditionally used in conventional concrete pavement design. Uptime A handy tool to help you view for how long a system has been running.

To minimize the life-cycle cost of building and maintaining pavements, it is critical to determine the most appropriate pavement material and thickness for a given traffic level, subgrade condition and environmental factor. Title Sensitivity analysis of pavement thickness design software for local roads in Iowa.

Sensitivity analysis of pavement thickness design software for winpas pavement design software roads in Iowa. The most critical input parameters were winpas pavement design software and their typical values for local roads in Iowa were used to run the existing StreePave, WinPas, and I-Pave pavement design software packages.

For heavy-duty industrial pavements, which carry heavy industrial vehicles such as loaders or container haulers, the design may be based on the expected number of load repetitions of the single heaviest vehicle, and other vehicles that are significantly lighter can be ignored.


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Abstract The main objectives of this research are to: It gives you quick access to your favorite web sites and allows you to create your own custo. It can be used to design a new pavement or analyze spftware existing pavement.

winpas pavement design download, free winpas pavement design download.

Fontin The Fontin is design ed to be used at small sizes. Geared for both end user and developer documentation with special features for component and class documentation. Structured environment focuses on cont Size: Bibliography Includes bibliographical references pages WinPAS 12 may be downloaded and run for free for up to 30 days.

Statewide urban design and specifications SUDAS currently utilizes a simplified version of the AASHTO pavement design guide in Iowa, which is very conservative based on placement of the pavement on natural subgrade, distribution of truck classifications, and other design parameters.

Since the critical stresses in Roller Compacted Concrete are flexural, fatigue due to flexural stress in used for thickness design. Therefore, there is winpas pavement design software need for a modified pavement design methodology to be used for determining local road pavement thickness in Iowa.

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WinPAS 12, which is based on the commonly-used AASHTO pavement design guide, has been updated to make it compatible with current Windows-based operating systems, has a new GUI or graphical user interfaceand includes updated help screens which make the software easier to use than ever before.

Uptime A handy tool to help you view for how long a system winpas pavement design software been running Size: The main objectives of this research are to: A survey was performed to identify the minimum thicknesses of asphalt and concrete pavements and the pavement design methods for low-volume roads. Continue Shopping Add to Cart. For structural design purposes, Roller Compacted Concrete pavements fall into two main categories—heavy-duty industrial pavements and pavements carrying mixed-vehicle traffic.


Similar to the manual procedure, the software was developed mainly for heavy-duty pavement applications.

Jeremy PurvisUniversity of Iowa Follow. Patio Builders database Patio Builders list. Single User License Version: Thickness design for Roller Compacted Concrete pavements employs xesign same basic strategy as for conventional concrete pavements. In the structural design, the pavement thickness is a function of the expected loads, concrete strength, and characteristics of supporting base and subgrade.

Recommended Citation Purvis, Jeremy. Civil and Environmental Engineering Commons.

WINPAS – Pavement Design Software

Help for Commercial Projects. The pavement thickness is a factor of the subgrade support, the Roller Compacted Concrete desiyn strength and the anticipated vehicle loading.

CE CALC – Pavement Calculator Civil Engineering pavement design calculation software – covers calculations for traffic, road geometry, surveying, earthwork, asphalt pavementconcrete pavementconcrete floors on grade and unit co This user-friendly software allows roadway pavement thickness design and evaluation following the AASHTO Design Guide for Pavement Structures, including traffic and overlay thickness methods.