The result directly available after the simulations finishes is a distribution of currents over the surfaces. Noise analysis Stability analysis Gain analysis Adding explicit ground connection for 2-port imported data files. By default, for the case of an antenna or a microwave network, the kernel calculates Y, Z, and S parameters for the multiport described by the model. In addition, WIPL-D Pro combines quadrilateral modeling with higher order basis functions, thus requiring an order of magnitude less number of unknowns than classical triangular modeling. WIPL-D software offers very precise modeling and accurate simulation of radomes as dielectric bodies, with extensive experience of our technical support team.

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Unlike the meshing process in some other wipl-d CAD tools, wipl-d the mesh phase is sometimes longer than the simulation itself, the parametrized mesh in WIPL-D Pro updates instantaneously during the parameter sweep or optimization. They wipl-d fast and accurate in co-simulation. EM simulation of such a device is much more demanding as it requires a large number of unknowns, but the high efficiency of the simulations is preserved as it takes only a couple of minutes per frequency point.

Various built-in optimization algorithms are available. There are numerous techniques to reduce number of unknowns, but preserve accuracy for the radome simulations. As a result of a miniaturization, its size wipl-d almost halved.

For most EM problems the automatic meshing produces high quality mesh and the user interaction is not required.


How can I get a price for the software? The versatility is further busted by rich choice of circuit elements that wipl-d be included in the schematic. Along with unique wi;l-d of full wave EM simulations goes the unique way in expressing the wipl-d size of a problem through a number of unknownsrather than a number of mesh elements.


WIPL-D team has extensive experience and offers customers assistance in simulation of various wire, solid metallic and dielectric, or printed antennas.

Dielectric material other than air is now supported with waveguide analytical components calculated using mode matching. A second course, called Evaluation Short Course comprising 6 additional tasks, follows after wipl-d Intro course.

Divider in Substrate Wipl-d Waveguide Technology This application presents capabilities of WIPL-D software suite for full wave electromagnetic simulation of waveguide divider realized in substrate integrated waveguide technology, along with simulation results wipl-d requirements.

In addition, the calculated current distributions can be processed to obtain SAR, radiation pattern at finite distance, RCS at wpl-d distance and numerous more advanced features. The cubic dielectric puck is inserted at wipl-r middle to modify the resonance. If our e-mail is not there, please contact us so wipl-dd wipl-d complete your registration manually. Unbeatable EM simulation speed enables rigorous convergence studies of the results, allowing users with diverse levels of EM simulation experience to obtain reliable results.

Conductivity can also be added to all wipl-f parts the loading is assigned automatically. This application presents capabilities of WIPL-D software suite wipl-d full wave electromagnetic simulation wipl-d waveguide divider realized in substrate integrated waveguide technology, along with simulation results and requirements.

Microwave Circuits

This dramatically saves resources and simulation time. The mesh elements can be up to two wavelengths aipl-d wipl-d wavelengths in size with the order of approximation adaptively determined between 1 and 8 for each element.

De-embedding of imported 3D EM components has wipl-d improved so that a component can now be a part of a more complex circuit.


Due to the wipl-d numerical stability, it is possible to efficiently simulate models where extremely small mesh elementsmeasuring only a small fragment of wipl-d wavelength, are mixed with large mesh elementsmeasuring wipl-d a couple of wavelengths. Wire ends can be represented as almost flat cone, while abrupt change of wire radius can be represented as almost flat frill. Domain Decomposition Solver is significantly improved in order to support even larger EM problems.

The next step in preparation of the model is removal of the details irrelevant for EM simulation.


After you download and install the Demo, we offer a free e-mail-based training called Intro Course, comprising 3 simple tasks. It also comes on a CD inside the promotional brochure that is being handed out by our representative on the shows we attend worldwide. For example, an antenna can be imported and attached to a platform in a single click using advanced alignment options together with a number of coordinate system transformations.

You can adjust independently starting and ending wire wipl-d. The accuracy of wipl-d FD-TD modeling is mostly related to the discretization quality and minimum wipl-d discretization point per tenth wipl-d the wavelength is recommended.

FEM solver is under development. Some of these projects can be simulated, others have pre-calculated results but cannot be re-run, because of the limitations of the demo. How one can test the software?