Wosh creates his own beats and his songs often include acoustic guitar. Nikoga Nazad – Never Go Back. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. One of the most popular rappers in Bulgaria, Wosh MC is mostly known as a club performer. Ca ieui ia naaoa ia?

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Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. You Can’t Sing Wosh, Piro. Wosh is a Bulgarian rap MC.

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The themes of his songs vary from everyday things like using drugs, alcohol and parties to serious questions in life like love. Choosefest rests in my project archives.

Samo V Sanq Mi. Deep Under The Darkness. Ne iska da puskam rukata ti. Otnovo kusno vniimavai wosh vnimavai. Wosh MC – Vnimavai.


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Iskash li da tancuvash. Make my profile public at. Pri woshia stil e opasno. Deep under the darkness ft.

Wosh creates his own beats and his songs often include acoustic guitar. Log in to watch more. Wake ’em Up ft.

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Momicheto koeto pak synuvah. Log in with Facebook. Praish Se Na Rapper. Get Your Tickets to see Wosh. Don’t Step To This. Ne iskam da puskam. Some are slow and melancholic, while others are pumpin’ and make you hit the dancefloor. The site’s still up, so you can nosey around old festival line-ups, but most the party animals have left. The Fallen Woman Jetonix Mix. Necrophagous – Jetonix Mix. Ne mojesh da ni pobedish YOKO.


She is also a young and talented MC and they often take part in numberous hip-hop events throughout Bulgaria. Some of his most wosh vnimavai tracks are “Vnimavai”, which is actually a cover of Snow – Informer, “Ne iskam da puskam”, “Krasotata e navsqkude” and many many more. Deep Under The Darkness feat. Praish se na wosh vnimavai.