We weren’t hijacking the delete key in the form designer. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Retrieved from ” https: So when the user hit delete in the designer, it would delete the wxWidget component, but was not updating the property inspector. Apparently, wxTreeListCtrl docs are incorrect.

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You can exdev-c++ a directory of the devpaks at http: Res files have 2 manifest resources. But in wxDevCpp I did’t find a way around. Note that the delete option in the designer menu was executing the proper code. Forgive my poor Wxdev-c++ 6.10.2, I’m a new college student from China.

Installing and using Dev-C++

The system creates multiple mirrors of the devpaks and automatically chooses the closest one to you for download. See the changelog for bugfixes. As I understood in studio a manifest files can be turned off. I’m hoping that Joel will be able to post the wxdev-c++ 6.10.2 and new wxWidgets devpaks to our devpak server soon. It’s the first time such a thing has wxdwv-c++ happened to me. The second would be the navigating of your wxdev-c++ 6.10.2 and your source code files.


No longer are you stuck with having to convert all of your graphic files to XPM format. I just tried on a friends pc also with the latest version and a new project, and he has no problems adding those dialogs: Lots of bugfixes and better GDB debugger support.

wxDev-C++ released – wxWidgets Discussion Forum

Note well that you’re responsible for making sure that your executables can find the graphic files at runtime. I’ve moved the DevPaks to SourceForge’s file release system. Fixed alignment flag strings for wxtreelistctrl.

Explicitly calling Free seems to allow the executable to be deleted outside of the IDE. There are many project templates for different types of programs.

Bug – Menu bitmaps weren’t updating properly. So, we can keep trusting sourceForge as always. You can hit F9 to compile and execute or click the button. The parameters of funtions. Added debug menu option to remove all active breakpoints.


Do keep me posted. What I wxdev-c++ 6.10.2 understand is that why you use MadException. xwdev-c++

Installing and using Dev-C++ – Wikiversity

Apparently, wxTreeListCtrl docs are incorrect. In other languages Add links. If you have problems, you can manually update the mirrors file by downloading it from http: Led to a runtime error. This way, you will know how to write C programs, compile, and find the executable.

But after a time of testingI wxdev-c++ 6.10.2 out that axdev-c++ code implement is far from satisfation. Views Read Edit View history.

The first is where you actually edit the source code for your programs. It would be recommended that when you save this project, that you should save it to it’s own folder.