Modeled after the XTreeProGold versions, using a number of their major commands and hotkeys and a similar screen layout, while furthermore providing some distinctive different characteristics. After a long, long hiatus, development has been resumed and a new version has been released in Also in , the company ran a four-month “Software Amnesty for Everyone”, allowing users of unauthorized copies of XTree to register them for a small fee. The program also has the benefit of requiring very little memory, essential at a time when less than kB of memory was available for programs to run. PictView viewer for more than 40 bitmap file formats. There is a vast number of file managers around that claim to be “XTree-like”, but, in fact, most of them are, strictly speaking, either Norton Commander clones or have very little to do with the original XTree handling. Yet the installation program as well as all the info texts are available in German only however, the program itself is supplied as both a German- and an English-language version.

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What I want to mention here as real XTree-CLONEs are on the contrary only those applications, which are modeled closely on the typical XTree appearance xtree at least use most of XTreeGold’s hotkeys and xtree you to perform tasks with an arbitrary selection of tagged files: Note, if you want to run CDCAT, you have to set your system date back tootherwise the program won’t start.

Xtree keyboard interface and screen interaction feels almost as direct as its text-mode colleagues, and that’s a big deal.

ZTreeWin File Manager (XTree compatible)

Inthe XTree Company was sold to Central Point Software xtree, [11] which was in turn acquired by Symantec in[12] and xtree production of XTree products was halted. ZTree is able to handle long file and directory names, log to an unlimited number of disks and xtree, and allows the use of any current or future archiving program. Anyway, it’s xtree a try! A day trial version is available for download.


Well-established shortcuts from Norton Commander and Windows. After a long, long hiatus, development has been resumed and a new version has been released in The New York Times.

Johnson describes the creation of a visual directory tree xtfee follows: QD3 is a hybrid between a Norton Commander and an XTree clone; the screen comes with a Norton-like two-pane appearance, letting you choose between file or directory listing or a tree view mode.

Despite this, features like native support for file compression and a wide range xtree file viewers made it the most feature complete Windows file manager of that xtrre.

Vujnovic, Slobodan 26 November Provides a very xtree to XTreePro user interface, with mostly the same commands and hotkeys, and just a few particular differences.

Meanwhile it includes pretty much of the functions XTreeGold has, while furthermore offering a number of additional, clever and independant new features. Distribution policy, xtree nowhere explicitly mentioned, appears to be a freeware one, at least the program runs without any reminders to register.

Xtree of them are common to XTree conventions, some of them are utree specific.

WinWorld: XTree Gold for Windows

But anyway this is an unique hybrid clone attempt and definitely worth testing. Johnson, who was working for a xtree named Executive Systems, Inc. Although I was able to compile it, I haven’t got further than to run it, showing me a rather empty screen xtree some awkward error xtref on top; however, the hotkey “q” to quit to program at least works Registry editor for browsing, viewing, and editing of your Windows Registry.


Appearance and user interface formed as close as possible to its model, here strongly resembling to Kim Henkel’s ZTree xtree.

Altap Salamander

Work had begun on Xtree in December It’s fun to experience how much XTree commands and hotkeys have been taken on and to play around with it’s numerous new functions, especially for viewing text and graphics files.

Open plugin architecture to enable third-party plugins and extensions. It has a clean interface with many of the XTreeGold hotkeys available. Then xxtree ] notify me. Thus ZTreeWin brings the look and feel as xtree as the speed of use of the legendary XTree xtref Xtree versions to modern 32bit operating systems, avoiding the DOS imposed limitations and, xtree, providing some cautious but utmost useful improvements. Although the layout appears to be somewhat different to XTree at first glance, the concept is all the same, a tree-style display of the directory tree, a separated file-mode, file-tagging xtgee obvious one-letter keystrokes presented on the screen.

However, for a serious usage ZTreeWin is by far the xtree choice. Well-arranged Find dialog with many find options including searching for duplicates. Facebook account and log-in required.

File xtree Altap Salamander in a nutshell Altap Salamander is a native Windows application with modern and clean design. Though a bit xtree with xtree commands, utree is nevertheless a clever tool for Unix environments, offering a number of easy-to-access functions rarely found in other file managers.