His remix of the Nas classic “2nd Childhood” has increased his visibility on the net, but it has yet to translate into widespread visibility in the rest of the Bay. But feel free to contribute to this thread though Vinnie Paz 24,, views. Throughout God and Devil , Gully spits densely packed bars with a palpable urgency, cramming as many syllables into each line as possible. Music , Young Gully , hip-hop , Bermuda.

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While he represents the Bay, it’s clear to see from his beat choice on his mixtapes and from his flow that his influences extend all around the country. Young Gully – Lies – Young gully hustla movement 3 Along with The Hoodstarz, he is currently the face of the movement. What are the three dopest bay area albums this year? Whether he will win the rest of the town over however depends in large part on whether he continues to put material out; he recently dropped his first mixtape “2nd Impression” which can be downloaded on his website for free here.

I need some bay area rap. Needless to say, he will uphold his end of the bargain Please Log In to post.

The Bay Area Thread – Off the Books: Anything and Everything Hip-Hop – GameSpot

A shame his “Tonight Show” record was kinda just random crap thrown together, because his guest spots absolutely KILL it. Just by listening to one Bay artist thoroughly, you’ll have exposed yourself to a wide variety of other Bay Area artists who often have different styles. Throughout Devil, he cranks up the intensity of his delivery.


On the guoly hand, his flow would fit in very comfortably in the early ‘s NYC scene; the beats huustla chooses for his mixtape debut “MC WordUp Mixtape” are obviously of the east coast variety.

News – December 28, This feature is not available right now. For more information, visit www. I guess the point that I’m getting at is that people should hear 3xKrazy before they hear Roach Gigz As a rapper he has a dope flow, a likeable personality and good movwment presence.

The Bay Area Thread

Even his influences distinguish him from the rest of the pack; a couple days ago he recorded a dedication to the late Big L of Harlem NYC. Jacob Gill 2, views. His sound is a mixture of Bay Area movements; while his subject matter is strictly Mobb, his young gully hustla movement 3 would fit right in with the Hyphy Movement and his beat selection is nothing but bangers.

Above all, Bermuda is about redemption. My focus has been on highlighting relatively unknown and upcoming ie last two-three years Bay Area artists but I realize that a lot of people here are not particularly familiar with Bay music so I’ll branch out to include recent bay artists in general.


However, don’t get it confused; he has no misconceptions about which city he represents. After all, he became known through his single “Definition of Gas,” a manifesto for rapping with acrobatic dexterity. Where music meets your desktop.

Bay Area Producer, Dex Beats: Young Gully “Hustla Movement 3”

After confronting these difficulties, he emerges with a sense of hope. The island nation of Bermuda is at times a specter and at times a fantasy that looms throughout Gully’s lyrics. As one of the founders of the GetBack group, Rafael Casal has played an integral part in spreading conscious indie Bay Area music around the country, his own included. Luxen90 Follow Forum Posts: Indeed, in our interview, Gully described the process of writing and recording Bermuda as a form of therapy.

Young Gully’s Redemption Rap

It’s kind of a story from beginning to end. If I was new to bay area rap, most of the stuff in this thread wouldn’t really get me interested. News – January 3, hutla Insult Injury 28, views.

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