About the issue, I suggest if you are browsing the page with the Mobile browser then try requesting the Desktop view. Zbigz Premium account is active now, until someone changes the password. There is a high hope, we will come back in a day or two. Zbigz Premium account servers are up and working fine now. Updated Zbigz Premium Account.

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Hi all, We have Added new password for zbigz premium account. I mean just after the 2 minute. Please check from your ends. Some Frequently asked questions: Hello Hambali, we have updated password now accoung check.

Hello Humayun, Someone has changed the password. Password updated now, please check and try to login again. When the cpde will resume. We have added a temporary fix on the script as on the previous one the download button isn;t working.

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Login not working…please retrieve the account. Why do people keep changing the password? Please try a bit later mey this error for a long time.


And yes, they did contain some links which were necessary for the solution to work. I; ll keep updating the same. Notify me keg new posts by email. As per your demand, we are here for sharing free premium account for Zbigz premium account access for free just for enjoying endless torrent leeching as much you like to Go ahead and grab free zbigz unlimited premium account free.

Website is not available

Please Clear your Browser cache before click on to the login button. Try out this alternative zbigz downloader Filepeer. Where should I start to get premium account? Will let you know via notification once it will be up and working. Password has been changed? Could you please update the password? Let me know any issues are there. So for the delay, we have updated zbigz premium account for the upcoming month June Please check at your end and let us know if any issue persists.

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Zbigz Premium account working now. Hi all, can anyone tell what was the exact timing when automatic login stopped working? Zbigz do not support hot-linking anymore, the download url is only valid for 1 IP address from which it has been generated. The new zbigz premium account has been disabled by zbigz official. The premiuk interface was way better.


Please update the page says Bad Password or Premium Ended. But in this case where if we use public emails everyone will keep changing the password for their personal benefits.

Free hosting has reached the end of its useful life

Not a big issue considering the free service you guys provide, am just curious tho. Do you delete the files everyday at some time or something?

Please understand the thing. Probably because every time a new user logs in others are logged out and have to login again. We have some tweaks as of now.