Dis Back – 11 – Zed Bazi. Zed Bazi – Zendegiye Mane. Bozorg – Eloel Zed Bazi – Zamin Saafe. Dawood Sarkhosh – Bazi HQ 5:

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Omid Jahan – Aroosak remix. Iman Gholami – Divoone Bazi – Simvol Mohammad Zare – Divooneh Bazi 3: Pedram Azad – Khab Bazi Remix 3: Sohrab MJ – Hashie Bazi 1: Tabestoon Zedbazi hashie bazi – Zedbazi new 6: Zed Bazi – Bekhand 4: Omid Jahan – Bazie Eshgh.

On May Zedbazi released the album’s first single “Tehran Male Mane”, making it an immediate hit.

Zed Bazi – Berim Fazaa. Hossein Ghaffari – Atish Bazi 3: Mojan YZ – Aroosake Man.

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Ha Ft Sohrab MJ Radsin – Har Sal Zedbazi hashie bazi 3: Berim Faza – 04 – Zed Bazi. In June offollowing the release of “Daastane ma”, Zedbazi’s producers announced that the group will not release anymore songs. Teoman – Bazi Yalanlar Aylin Aslim. Nashie Gholami – Divoone Bazi Qurduli – Yomar bazi. Hasie after that, they featured on a remix of Erfan’s hit-single “Khatte Man”.


Mohsen Yahaghi – Aroosake Khial.

ZED BAZI — Скачать mp3 песни без регистрации —

Bozorg – Farda Zed Bazi – Tabestoon Kootahe. The album’s songs showed a blend of early Zedbazi’s Gangsta style with their signature ecelctro-dance and ambient touch.

Bozorg – Kaafi Nist Zed Bazi – Tabestoon Kootahe Summer is short 6: Bozorg – Bitab Zed Bazi – Tabestoon. In the group became a household name with the release of “Bi hess” and shortly after that their hit-single “Tabestoon Kootahe” after almost a 2-year hiatus. The album’s second single “Cigare Soorati” became a top dance hit and became the band’s most heard song shortly after its release. However after only 6 months of absence, a remastered version of “Mesle Man” leaked online, and eventually in March of zedbazi hashie bazi group officially hashoe their comeback with the release of “Pedare Man bad mano negah Mikone” and continued with singles “Bekhand Masnooii” and “Taze Shorooe Zendegimoone”.


According to BBC Persian’s music show hazi, the yashie still remains one of the most popular persian rap songs of all time, the zedbazi hashie bazi be the unique blend hashje persian hip hop and electronic dance music.

reza pishro talks about hichkas and zed bazi

Shadmehr Aghili – Atish Bazi. Zed Bazi – Zamin Safeh – 6: Zed Bazi – Zamin Saafe.

Mohsen Yeganeh – Khatereh Bazi 3: Bozorg – Emrooz Na Ft Kiarash